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Jewelry Boxes for Birthday

Extremely impressive array of Jewelry Boxes for Birthday!! This highly sought after collection consists of wide range of Jewelry Boxes handcrafted in wood, marble and metal. Embellishment with artistic gem stone painting, jaali work and murals accentuate the beauty of these Jewelry Boxes making them a perfect Birthday gift for a charming lady.

 A Nuptial Bliss : Wooden Bangle Stand
Price: US$13.22 / Rs.900
 Classic Grandeur : Wooden Jewelry Boxes
Price: US$4.23 / Rs.288
 Criss & Cross : Wooden Jewelry Boxes
Price: US$3.86 / Rs.263

 Embossed Creative Case : Wooden Jewelry Boxes
Price: US$20.20 / Rs.1375
 Elephant Shape Embossed Painted Small Wooden Box
Price: US$29.39 / Rs.2000
 Kundan Work Embossed Painted Wooden Box
Price: US$40.92 / Rs.2785

 Wooden Embossed Painted Box with Four Drawers
Price: US$45.55 / Rs.3100
 Brass Embossed Nine Drawer Set
Price: US$51.28 / Rs.3490
 Knick Knack Box
Price: US$10.95 / Rs.745

 Ceramic 4 Drawers Wood Fitted Box
Price: US$6.61 / Rs.450
 Ladies Painting  Gems Stone Jewelry Box 10
Price: US$8.08 / Rs.550
 Ladies  Painting  Gems Stone Jewelry Box 19
Price: US$15.43 / Rs.1050

 Radha Krishna Painting  Gems Stone Jewelry Box 14
Price: US$8.08 / Rs.550
 Pinjra Case Big : Wooden Jewelry Box
Price: US$6.69 / Rs.455
 Square Colorful Terracotta Wooden Box
Price: US$9.99 / Rs.680

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